To me identity is a mask that we put on for people. We are all blank slates that only get an identity by the others around use. Our identities are reactions to what we experience and how we wish to react to them we choose to follow those who we seem the most fit to govern ourselves choose to see who is the smartest and become a copy of that person’s ideals and personality.

We all put on a mask of wish we see the most fit for that situation; this is the reason why we are different around different people while we acted friend around our friends or family and I lovers you’re not the same to all these people could be put on different mask around them to satisfy their needs and our own.

What is our true identity is it the one that we agree with the most was the one we don’t even see ourselves hidden deep within us there so many masks that are in our minds that we pick and choose to put on but which one is truly a real identity or are they all our identity or are none.

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