The main idea of my project is of self-portraits showing the progress of my hair color fading and then show my hair different colors after all the color fades from my hair. I think the strength of my idea is that it shows something that most people who die their hair don’t show their hair loosening its color and becoming in many people’s opinion ugly. My dovetails into the conceptual construct of the assignment by taking a photo every week.  Some of the compositional decisions that I am thinking about that will reinforce my ideas are taking different positions of my face showing different expressions also show my inner evolution along with my hair. I am hoping that their will be 16 in the finished series. In order to get that many photos I think I am going to have to take 2 sessions of photo taking every week. My time management strategy to ensure that I complete the entire project is to set a 2 days out of the week (the weekend) that I have free to take pictures. Some of my concerns about the project are that my hair color won’t fade enough in this time period. I am dealing with those concerns by looking up ways online to safely help hair color fade from your hair faster but not to fast that all the color is gone to soon. There haven’t really been any photographers that influence this project but there have been a few artists that I follow who use their hair to express themselves in a certain light and it shows their creativity and their passion for art and their appearance that is what I hope to show it in my project.