Written statement for digital imaging

The usage of technology helps to emphasize the world of art where the artist can create a variety of pieces that are unique and interesting. Throughout the semester,  three works of art  were created by using Photoshop and the tools within it. These three works were a motion graphic about a charity of our choice, a hyper-realistic picture that a is fantasy that had  to look real using the tools in Photoshop, and a cubist piece where a photo was taken and broken up to make it look unrealistic.

The first assignment, Hyper-realism is a picture of a mermaid next to a pool of water with a big hedge behind her with fish flying in the air. I used 5 assets being 5 pictures. I used the burn tool all over  each of them to darken all the images. I used the eraser tool to get rid of the backgrounds around the fish and the mermaid. I also flipped the image of the mermaid and reshaped her nose. I  then duplicated the layers of the fish so I can have more fish and just changed their sizes and repeated that many times.

The second project was Cubism piece. In this project I captured two pictures of my sister, Cassandra and duplicated the layers many many times and then cut each layer into small shapes, resized them, changed the coloring by using the dodge and burn tools. I repeated this many times until I had over 50 layers or so.  I also rotated the layers of the images so they were all at different angles to make it feel more cubist. I then broke up the backgrounds into solid colors so the viewer could not tell what was going on in the background and focus more on the subject itself. In the end, the photo came out looking really strange with so many different colors and textures.

The third project was motion graphic;  a video about building playgrounds that are much safer for all children and promoting the idea that children should to go outside and play. The video was 30 seconds long and was uploaded onto YouTube under my name. I took assets and edited the photos using the eraser tool to cut out the unnecessary items.  I then used the dodge and burn tool to the lighten areas and the burn tool to darken areas. I repeated these steps multiple times until I got what I wanted in my work and then started putting the images together to make a video making sure the images faded in and out as desired.

The usage of Photoshop has significantly changed the way art is viewed. This program is a must for the contemporary artist. These helpful skills will be a part of my world as an artist and help me market my future work, edit some of my materials, and the ability to share my work with a larger audience. The three pieces of artwork has helped develop and expand my artistic ability and share a new form of art with the digital universe.